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Rocco's Frequently Asked Questions

Some question and answers from the Owners

Where is All that Great Rocco's Product Made?

We have a full service kitchen in both our retail locations.

The kitchen in our West Village shop is located in the basement. We are one of the few locations grandfathered since kitchens in basements have been outlawed in NYC. In fact, from what we understand the building has had a bakery since it was built - around the early 1890s.

The kitchen in our Bay Ridge location is just behind the cafe. This kitchen was built using new equipment in 2011. This kitchen is used to create our extensive line of cheese cakes for both our West Village shop and for wholesale. It is now also being used for baking other products, like cannoli, croissants, muffins, foccacia, panini and much more.

Do You Support the US Military?

The Rocco's family is very proud of our Military Service members. Without their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their families, we believe this country would not be as great as it is.  We even have a family member who served in the US Marines.  To that extent, Service Members are always supported and welcome at Rocco's.  

To show our support, we offer a 20% discount to active members of the US Armed Forces when they visit our shops. Some restrictions apply (we love ya, but...):

  • Discounts will be provided only at our shops and is not available online
  • Discount does not apply to any specials or items that are already on sale
  • Active military ID is required to be shown
  • The discount will only be applied to the items purchased for consumption by the service member
  • Management may change this policy at anytime

We also encourage service members to join our family and apply for employment.  We give service members a priority in our employment process where applicable.

Does Rocco's Have Delivery?

At this time we do not offer regular delivery service from our two locations. However, we can accommodate delivery requests in the NYC area, with an additional cost. For more information about delivery, please contact us.

Does Rocco's Offer Nutritional Information?

At this time we do not have nutritional information available for most of our products. We'd love to tell everyone that everything we make is fat free, has no calories, and can increase your life expectancy by dozens of years, but we cant. Sorry.

What to Consider when Visiting our Shops

Our retail shops are for the enjoyment of our customers who choose to indulge in our traditional pastry, cakes, cookies, coffees and so much more. Our shops have full service kitchens where all our product is made and we do our best to keep the shops up to NYC Health standards and provide for a safe working environment. To do so, we ask that all customers note the following:

  • Smoking of any kind is NOT ALLOWED in our shops PERIOD
  • Bathrooms are for customers only
  • No outside food or drinks please
  • We provide access to physically challenged individuals. When visiting, please inform a member of the staff if help of any kind is required
  • Customers who are loud, obnoxious, racists (yes, this still happens!), treat other customers or workers badly - for any reason, will be asked to leave the shop. If asking doesnt work, the police will be called. In some cases, the police didnt come soon enough and it got messy. This is NYC and we are Italian, so please do not tempt us.
  • Due to tax laws, customers who purchase for takeout cannot enjoy our products at our tables. We are very sorry about this - we dont understand it fully, but its the law. Table service is provided by our wait staff for anyone who wishes to sit at one of our tables.
  • All our shops employee video surveillance and recording systems. Smile!

What About those Online Shipping Costs?

We use an automated service for calculating shipping on this website. Since this service cannot take into account every detail, it is an estimate that we use to facilitate checkout. 

Our goal is to make sure you receive our product in the best condition for you to enjoy, and based on the type of product (like those with cream) we may be limited in how we can ship. For example, due to the potential spoilage of our product in transit, some of our product must be shipped Express (sometimes known as "Overnight") in specialized packaging.  And we will not ship on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to avoid weekend delays.

When your order is packaged, we will find the best way to ship the products in the most effective and safest manner we can. This may change the costs we incur to ship an order.  

What is Rocco's Return Policy?

All product sales are final. Returns will not be considered once it has been handed to the customer, even if the box has not been opened. Returns will ONLY be considered based on the following:

  • Product must be returned in full within 24 hours.
  • Partial product returns must have a valid reason to warrant a partial refund
  • Store Credit will be provided at the discretion of Management

Please note that when contacting us about your return, it helps to be calm and to help us understand the nature of the problem. We have had cases where customers have engaged in fits of anger and demeaning posturing that did not end well for anyone. 

What About Allergenic Foods?

Most all of Rocco's products are made with, or near, dairy and nut products. This includes milk, cheese, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pecans, extracts and other items. If you have any questions about any of our product ingredients, please ask a member of our staff.

Is Rocco's a Tourist Trap?

We occasionally see a few people label Rocco's a "Tourist Trap" on social media. Since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we usually ignore these postings. Besides, these kinds of judgements are usually made by people who dont take the time to understand who we are and what we do. So we thought we'd layout our opinion of how we see Rocco's, just to give our view.

So lets start by defining Tourist Trap. According to Merriam-Webster a Tourist Trap is "a place that attracts and exploits tourists".

It is true that most of the people that visit our flagship shop on Bleecker Street are tourist. We estimate that about 70% of our customers are people visiting New York from all over the world. We dont have any particular science behind that number - its our best guess.

But here is, in our opinion, why we dont fit the definition above:

  • Outside of a few social media ads, a few pages in local charity newsletters, and local food tour groups, Rocco's has never advertised in any specific media outlet that target tourists. We know our name shows up in a few travel guides and magazines, but we never paid to be in them.
  • We are partnered with a few food tour companies in NYC. These tours contacted us and focus on the history and tastes in the West Village area. This is probably the most “touristy” thing that can be attributed to Rocco's. Most people who visit us for the first time on these tours return to Rocco's on their next trip to NYC. We are very proud to be part of the history and traditions of the West Village and to be selected by the tour companies. And if people come back, then we must be doing something right.
  • We have been told that the Rocco's story is that of the American Dream, and we agree. That might be interpreted as some form of "entertainment" targeted to tourists since it's printed in our menus and posted on our website. Truth is we are a family business and very proud of what Rocco Sr. accomplished, because that's who we are.
  • Outside of the Rocco's story - which is available for free, we don't sell anything entertainment related. We dont sell tee shirts, mugs, shot glasses, photographs or post cards (although we did for our 30 year anniversary, and we might do that again.) Our staff doesn't wear turn of the century Italian costumes or sing for customers.
  • We help anyone who asks how to find a point of interest in NYC - for no charge. We've even helped people find other famous bakeries, like that cupcake shop down the street that was made famous on a TV show. We'd love to charge a fee for providing directions to that place, but we don't.
  • We don't embellish the "Famous People Were Here" syndrome. See our FAQ on What Famous People Visit Rocco's below.

So there.  Thats our take on the whole "Tourist Trap" thing.  If you agree, or not, please let us know.

What Famous People Visit Rocco's?

There have been MANY famous actors, singers, directors, athletes, politicians and others who have visited our shop, and continue to do so. We have MANY stories from our MANY encounters.  And for the most part, we dont share these stories. 

Our policy is that every person, regardless of profession or worldly status be treated the same way as any other customer. Everyone is offered the same product at the same price. Our employees are instructed not to provide any special treatment, ask for autographs, and not to take pictures unless invited by the customer.  

We do have an exception where we encourage our employees to make a fuss over members of the FDNY, NYPD and our Armed Services.  We might also extend that exception to the Pope if he ever visits - hey, you never know.

The only pictures you will find on our walls are of family, Italy, employees and a plaque from the FDNY (true heroes in our book) thanking us for helping in the aftermath of 9/11.

Does Rocco's use any Trans-Fats?

No. Trans Fats are no longer used in any of our products, as dictated by local laws.

What Other Bakeries is Rocco's Affiliated With?

Pasticceria Rocco in the West Village, Pasticceria Rocco in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, and Rocco's Wholesale are the only bakeries owned by members of the same family.

There are many other bakeries that got their start because of Rocco Sr. He hired many of his nieces and nephews who arrived from Italy during the 1970s. Of those family members, at least three own and operate their own bakeries throughout NYC today. All of them have been very successful, and that has made Rocco Sr. very proud.

We would like to mention here that some reviews on Social Media have stated that people should visit other nearby bakeries instead of Rocco's. The irony is that most of those "other" bakeries are actually owned by those same nieces and nephews who got their start here.

Are Rocco's Recipes Available?


Sorry, none of our recipes are available for purchase or for free. Please don't bother asking - and we have been asked (some might call it "persuaded"), and we haven't let them go. Our recipes, as old as they are, are under lock and key.